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Mergers & Acquisitions

for the

Cannabis Industry


Canna Mergers brings professional M&A expertise to the licensed marijuana business community.

The firm provides full-service transaction advisory expertise to its clients in both the medical and recreational use sectors. The scope of services include those provided by a traditional mergers and acquisitions firm but with an emphasis on the particular investment

limitations and specific needs of the cannabis industry.



Canna Mergers has the resources and expertise to source both buyers and investors for cannabis-related business



Canna Mergers manages the entire M&A process and advises its clients how to avoid pitfalls, transaction landmines and unnecessary risk exposure in order to faciliate a successful transaction



Canna Mergers maintains the necessary relationships and extensive resources to execute a targeted search to find the right marijuana related investments for our buy-side clients

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Canna Mergers is a full-service Mergers & Acquisitions firm to the legal marijuana business community. The Company has both far-reaching relationships within the cannabis industry as well as the legal and business expertise to provide its clients with support and guidance while managing the M&A process in approved jurisdictions.

The Canna Mergers operational team have an extensive background in the area of traditional M&A and believe the new opportunities available within this particular industry would be well-served with the same level of professionalism.


The principals of Canna Mergers have been involved in a variety of transactions throughout the legal cannabis industry. These transactions include many of the leading media, hydroponic, paraphernalia, edible, growing and dispensary operations. Our joint venture relationship with MJIC, Inc. provides us with access to a broad base of potential buyers, sellers and investors focusing exclusively upon the legal cannabis industry.


Canna Mergers is committed to working with its clients to implement a targeted strategic marketing plan with a sales process that has been proven to be successful over time.


The team has been involved in deals ranging from $1 million to $220 million in transaction size.


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Canna Mergers is based in Orange County California

26632 Towne Centre Drive, Suite 300. Foothill Ranch, California 92610



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Canna Mergers

26632 Towne Centre Drive, Suite 300,

Foothill Ranch, California 62610


Tel: (949) 391-1000



A Division of Spectrum Acquisitions, Inc.

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